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Right of Withdrawal

The aim of  Deplain ("Deplain") is guaranteeing your complete satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied for your order, you can hold your right of withdrawal, without any penalty, by ten (10) business days from the day you received the products purchased on 

In compliance with art. 5 del D.lgs. 22th may 1999, n. 185 the customer holds the right of withdrawal, by giving back the received good and getting the price paid refund.

The customer for any reason not satisfied from the purchase, holds the right to withdraw the agreed contract, without any penalty and without specifying the reason, by 10 business days from the delivery day.

All withdrawal charges of the products are at the customer expenses who, directly or by another mean, will provide to deliver them at the seller address; all the items shall arrive at the same conditions of the deliver, with the original package and the eventual manual or instructions books part of the original packaging; the re-shipping of merchandise by another mode is not permitted.   

To have the right of withdrawal the customer, by the time above mentioned, shall sent a registered mail with return-receipt to the following address: Deplain s.r.l via Nuova Stesicoro, 266 – 90018 – Termini Imerese (PA). The communication can be send by the same time also to the following e-mail address:, only if it is confirmed by registered mail with return-receipt by following 48 hours. Then, we shall refund the amounts paid by the Customer as soon as possible and, any way, by 30 days from the date of receiving, keeping the only amount of shipping expenses, which will be at the customer expenses. The right of withdrawal is only for intact products and not for products which, for their nature, cannot be re-sent or risk to be altered or fast deteriorate.

Deplain will accept withdrawn merchandise holding the right to be certain that the products arrived in the original condition and with the original packages; just in that case it shall refund the amount paid by the customer for the products purchasing. Transport charges, at the customer expenses for delivery and eventual re-shipping to Deplain are not reimbursable.  

Deplain will not refund the Customer in case of loss or damaging of the goods during the restitution. Merchandise must be re-shipped with ensured  package postage paid, in any case packages paid on delivery or mode on delivery will be withdrawn. Right of withdrawal is not permitted in case of customized goods or custom-cut packaged products, or for goods which for their nature risk to deteriorate or to be fast altered. Our responsibility is just for the trade or return of merchandise, and we will never be responsible for direct or not direct consequences deriving from this misunderstanding.   

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