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General Conditions of Use

Welcome to our website (""). Access and use of are activities governed by this General Use Conditions. Access and use of our website and purchasing of products as well suppose reading, knowledge and agreement of these General Use Conditions.

Products purchased on are sold directly by Deplain s.r.l. ("Deplain"), with legal head office in Italy, Via Nicolò Gallo, 14 - 90139 Palermo, Iscr. Reg. Imp. PA - 311219,   P.IVA n. 06289000827, Cap. Soc. Euro 10.000,00 int. vers. 

If you need any assistance please visit Customer Service area. You will find information about orders and shipping, refunds and returns of products purchased on, about the subscription form, about suggests and other general information about services provided by Remember you can always contact Deplain, by telephone at +39 0916124383 or by e-mail:
For further legal information, please refer to General Sale Conditions, Right of Withdrawal and Privacy Policy of

Deplain can change or simply update, at all on in part, this General Use Conditions. Changes and updates will be noticed to users in the Home Page when they will be adopted and will be binding when published on the website in this section.

Please enter regularly this section to check new and updated General Use Conditions on If you do not agree, at all or in part, with General Use Conditions, please do not use our website.
Access and use of, included web pages display, communication with Deplain, the possibility to download information about products and purchase of them on website, are activities managed by our users exclusively for personal uses not related to any commercial, business and professional activity.

Please remember you will be the one responsible for use and for its contents. Deplain cannot be considered responsible for use not in compliance with current laws, of this website and contents by every user, except Deplain responsibility for malice and heavy guilt. In particular, you will be the one responsible for communication of incorrect, false information and data, or concerning other people without their authorization, or for their incorrect use. 

Eventually, for every content is downloaded or gained through a service chosen by the use, every responsibility for eventual harms to computer systems or data loss resulting from downloads operations relapses on the user and cannot be ascribed on Deplain. Deplain accepts no responsibility for eventual harms deriving from inaccessibility to services on the website or from eventual harms caused by virus, damaged files, errors, omissions, contents cancelations, service interrupting, network, provider or telephone or telematic problems, not authorized accesses, altering data, missing and/or defective work of electronic devices of the user.
The user is responsible about care and correct use of his own personal information, included details necessary to access to reserved services, and about every dangerous consequence or prejudice towards Deplain or other people deriving from an wrong use, loss, stealing of this information.


Please read carefully our Privacy Policy applying even when the user access to and uses its services but he does not buy any product. Our Privacy Policy help you to understand how collects and uses your personal data and for which aims.  

2. Intellectual property rights contents, for instance, works, images, pictures, dialogues, music, sounds and videos, files, drawings, figures and logos and any other material, in any size, published on, included menus, WebPages, graphic, colors, schemes, instruments, fonts and website design, diagrams, layouts, methods, processes, functions and software into, are protected by copyright and any other intellectual property right of Deplain and the other rights holders. Any reproduction in any form of contents, without Deplain’s written authorization is not permitted.

Deplain holds the exclusive right to authorize or forbid direct or indirect, temporary or enduring re production, in any form, at all or in part, of and of its contents. For what it concerns use of, you are allowed to display only the website and its contents. You are allowed to do any deed about temporary re production, without any economic relief, considered as temporary and accessory, integral and essential part of display and its contents and all the other web operations done for a legitimate use of and its contents.
You are not allowed to reproduce, on any device, at all or in part, or its contents. Every reproduction should be, time to time, authorized by Deplain or, on demand, from the authors of the single works into the website.
These reproduction operations will be done for legal aims and respecting copyright and the other intellectual property rights of Deplain and of the authors of the single works into the website. The authors of the single works published on have got, at any time, the right to claim their own works paternity and to oppose to any deformity, mutilation and changing of these works included any harms caused to the works, as threat of injury to their honor or reputation.

You agree to abide by the copyright of the artists who have chosen to publish their works on or who have worked with in order to create new expressive and artistic form to be published, even not in an exclusive way on the website, or, moreover, which are an integrate part. Moreover you are never allowed to use, in any form, the website contents and every single work protected by copyright and by any other intellectual property right. For instance, you cannot alter or change contents and works protected without Deplain authorization and, if necessary, that of every author of the works published on

3. Trademarks and domain names

Deplain is exclusive holder of logos and registered trademarks "Deplain" and "" and every other distinctive mark including the work "Deplain", included the domain name "".

Every other distinctive name distinguishing products on sale on and which are into the website are registered trademarks of their holder and they are used into, to the only aim to distinguish, describe and publish products on sale on 

Deplain and all the other holders of registered trademarks have got the faculty to exclusively use the trademarks they hold.

You are not allowed, if not authorized by Deplain, and by all the other registered trademarks holders, published on the website, to use these trademarks, in order to distinguish products and services only not similar to those of or of the other trademarks holders.

Most of the trademarks in the website referring to products on sale on are famous trademarks known to the public and to every user of

Any use of these trademarks not in compliance with the law and, as not authorized, is not permitted and has far-reaching legal consequences. Using these trademarks or any other distinctive mark on in order to take advantage from the character or the fame of these trademarks to threat injury to them or to their holders is not allowed. 

LINKS TO OTHER WEBSITES has got hyper textual links ( "links") to other websites not relating to or to Deplain.

Deplain does not check nor control these websites and their contents. Deplain is not responsible about these websites contents and about the rules they adopt concerning your privacy and your personal data treatment during web surfing.  

Please be careful when you log in these websites, through links on and please read carefully their use terms and rules about privacy. We remember to you that these General Use Conditions and  does not apply to other websites governed by subjects different from Deplain. provides links to other websites only to help our users in the web search and surfing and to make easier the hyper textual link towards other websites.

The activation of links does not involve any recommend or advice from Deplain for the access and the surfing on these websites, nor any warranty about their contents, services or goods they provide and sell to Internet users. 


If Anyone is interested in activating links to the home page and other web pages of, on public access, please contact Deplain to the following e-mail address The contact is necessary to activate the inquiry for authorization to the hyper textual link to  Links activation is released by Deplain to the applicant, for free and not in an exclusive way.

Deplain holds the right to oppose to the activations of direct links to its own website when the applicant who wants to activate the link to has before practiced not loyal or illegal commercial deeds or not in compliance with the use of the sector, such as unfair competition towards Deplains or its furnishers or when Deplain fears that this behaviors can be adopted in future, or when the applicant has done or can do discredit deeds to Deplain, its website or its services.  It is forbidden the activation of hyper textual links (such as deep frames or deep links) to or the not-authorized use of meta-tags, without Deplain authorization.


Deplain has adopeted any expedient to avoid publication of contents, on the website, describing or representing scenes or situation of physical or psychological violence or which can be considered harmful of civil beliefs, human rights or people dignity, in every form and expression, according to users sensibility.

Any way, Deplain does not guarantee the website contents are appropriate in other  Countries, outside of Italy.
Nevertheless, if these contents were considered not licit or illegal in some of these Countries, please do not access to our website and if you choose, any way, to enter it, we inform you the use you decide to do with the services provided by will be your only responsibility.
Deplain has adopted any caution in order to ensure to its users contents are caring and have no wrong or not updated  information, concerning the time of their publishing into the website, and, if possible, even after.

However Deplain does not have any responsibility towards users about care and completeness of the contents published by Deplain, in its own website, except its responsibility for malice or heavy guilt and except when otherwise predicted by the law.

Deplain, moreover, cannot guarantee to its users the website will operate continuously, with no interruption and without errors or malfunctioning due to internet connection.

For any problem in the use of our website, please contact the Customer Service or the following e-mail address: A Deplain officer will be at your disposal to help you restoring your web access, if it is possible.

Any way, we suggest to contact your internet provider or to check every connection device and the access to web contents is enabled, including your Internet browser.

Even if Deplain will try to do what is possible to ensure a continuous access to its website, the dynamic nature of Internet and its contents may not allow to operate without any interruption due to the need to update the website.

Deplain adopted technical and arranging measures adequate to safeguard its services security on, the incorruption of data concerning traffic and electronic communications relating to not allowed use and knowledge form in order to avoid risks of data loss, destruction and scatter and of reserved information, concerning its users, on, such as not authorized access, or not in compliance with the laws, to the same data and information.

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