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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who We Are

Deplain. com is the new e-commerce dedicated to design in every respect. Tradition and innovation merging in. Quality furniture made by the best craftsmanship interlacing to the contemporary design intuition. That is philosophy, an ideas, style, thinking laboratory, interpreter and exporter of Made in Italy all around the world.

2. Authenticity – 100% Authentic Icons

Are the products I find on original?
Deplain buys dyrectly and it is official partner of the producer and/or distributer company on  our website. These brands have been selected for the high quality and the standard control effectuated of their own production. All our products are covered by warranty for every imperfection or lack pertaining to the product itself, to be pointed out by 8 days since the discovery. We shall replace the product with no further expense from you and refund the customer, in compliance with the  Italian Civil code articles 1519 quater and sexies.

3. Subscription and account management

Is the newsletter for free?
Newsletter subscription is totally free and it allows you to get first in purchasing new products. Subscription does not bear any obligation to purchase and keep you informed about our promotional offers, new brands and designers introduced.

Can the subscription be revoked?
Your subscription can be revoked at any time and without any notice, through Account to entry “Newsletter” or by writing to

How can I edit the Newsletter settings?
You can edit the settings to receive our Newsletter, please log in first in the Account section. In the lower part of the page, go to the entry “Newsletter”, then select how to receive the newsletter. You can also edit your settings by clicking in the lower part of the newsletter window, clicking  “Unsubscribe”. You will no longer be informed about our exclusive promotions.

What can i do if I forget my password?
No problem: please click Login (top right) and select “Forgot password?”. We will send you an e-mail with a link and you will set a new password for your account.

How can I change my e-mail?
It is easy and fast. After login, please click on Account (top left) and click on Edit login details.

How do you process my personal details ?
You personal data is Deplain highest priority. We process them in compliance with legislative requirements about personal data protection (Decreto Legislativo n. 196/03). For more information please see our Privacy policy.

In order to assert the rights of the Privacy Code, article n°7, the customer can contact the following address: Deplain s.r.l. via Nicolò Gallo, 14 - 90139 Palermo. 

4. Orders and deliveries

How can I place an order on Deplain?
Follow the purchase guide, please click here: Purchase Guide

How can I get a Deplain coupon?
Deplain gives you special discounts on the occasion of specific promotions on social media canals or on special communications promoted through our newsletter. Subscribe our Newsletter and keep informed about our news, special promo and discounts codes in order to use ongoing promotions. Deplain assure you the items you buy with promo codes have the same guarantees as full-price pruducts.

Measures when you are placing and order
For the special promotions please be aware that items in your cart are not automatically booked. You should quickly complete your shopping process, otherwise the products could be sold out before you have accomplished the payment.

Where can I check the status of my order?
If you want to check the status of your order, please login and clink My orders, where you can view your orders list. You can check the status of every single order.

What forms of payments are accepted?
Please see Forms of Payment, click here.

Can I choose the form of payment when I am placing an order?
Payments effectuated by credit or debit card shall be validated by both Deplain and the issuing side of the card, in order to safeguard security and prevent VAT frauds.

You can also pay by bank transfer providing a copy of the bill to or by a Paypal account.

Please be aware we can deliver merchandise only after having received the payment.

How long does it take receive my order?
An extimated delivery time is alwasy indicated on each product page. In any case we will inform the customer about eventual delays on production for the items ordered. 
High volume items, like tables, beds, sofas cabinets, fragile items will be shipped by couriers specialized in furniture shipments so the shipping time may arrive to 2 weeks in Europe by truck and up to 5 weeks by sea in USA, Asia and Australia. In any case we will inform the customer about the extimated lead time before to process the order. 

Can you deliver abroad?
Of course, Deplain delivers all over the world! Please select the destination country during the shopping process, or send us your inquiry to with the destination and we shall give you all the info you need.

What to do at the delivery time

In order to make our service more and more efficient we ask the customer to check the packaging condition at the delivery. Packaging must be unopened, undamaged, nor wet or altered.

If the pack were not totally intact, or there were a little scratch, for the insurance coverage to be valid the Customer shall accept with reserve, putting aside the signature  on the delivery note “Received with reserve, damaged package (description of the fault)”.

It the pack is seriously damaged and you think the object inside is damaged as well, we recommend not to accept the pack asking the courier to put on the delivery not “Merchandise Rejected damaged package”. If the courier declined, reject the pack and contact immediately Deplain s.r.l.

Check the exact number of packages.

When you sign the delivery not, the Customer can not dispute on any anomalies he finds about the product state, after the delivery. Any contestations must be disputed to the courier, otherwise the product has considered successfully.

In case of contestations, please inform immediately Deplain s.r.l. calling +39 0918400258 or via mail to 

The bill, in the pocket outside of the package must be retained as document valid for the warranty.

How can I get the invoice?
At the time of the order you will get the order confirmation; if you need an invoice send a mail by 24 hours to  indicating every details for the invoice to be compilation (included the n°. orders on the order confirmation).

How can I contact you for the product assistance?
If you need any assistance or complain for the bought products, please contact Deplain by telephone, by chat (box below in the left), by Skype, or by mail at

5. Returned items

When I can ask the item to be return and the refund of my order?
No problem! If you are not satisfied, you can ask a refund and return it back in an easy and fast way. Right of withdrawal is governed by the current laws. Please click here.

What can I return and when?
Please click here.

Are the products bought on Deplain guaranteed?
Please click here.

6.Technical problems

I have got a problem. Who can I contact?
We wish our customers had a great shopping experience, trying to minimize mistakes. You can always contact us by telephone, by chat, by Skype or by mail to

I have got technical problem with the website
Our webside is correctly displayd with last versions of the following browsers: Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari. If you are not sure you have installed the last version, download it for free clicking on your browser name. Google Chrome automatically updates.  If you have any problem, please empty the Cookies and Temporary Files from your computer and be sure Javascript is turned on.

If the problem persists, please contact us and tell us:

-          your operating system (Windows Vista, Mac OS X, etc.)

-          your browser (Internet Explorer 8, Firefox, Safari)

-          the url address you are tiping (for instance,

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