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Vitra Office Chairs

Vitra Office Chairs set the standard for office envoirments. Part of the family are ID, AM, AC, Meda, Physix, Unix, Rookie, Allstar, Aluminium, Soft Pad, having not only great aestethics but also functionality and comfort. Designed by some of the greatest designer of the last century such as Citterio, Meda, Grcic, Bouroullec, Eames, Morrison, Prouvé. Top quality and comfort for your everyday productivity at work and home. Vitra’s clever designs and functions ensure healthy seating, no matter how much time employees spend in their seats.

The idea that work and life are intertwined led, alongside digitalisation, to an expansion of work into our private lives. The pendulum is now swinging in the opposite direction and the personal need for quality of life pervades the world of work.

Fast, agile processes encourage motion and dynamism. This leads to new ways of working, new work environments and new requirements for office chairs. And yet sitting down for long periods of time remains statistically the biggest health risk – putting the office chair under the spotlight.

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