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SKU: 0001653

Meret Oppenheim

Poltrona Frau Cavour Ottoman

Poltrona Frau Cavour Ottoman designed by Meret Oppenheim. Buy online at the best price or ask us for a quote.
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Dimensions (cm)

cm 19 x 60,5 x h44.
Materials & finishes

Beech, Leather, Polyurethane Foam, Walnut Canaletto

Designed in 1959, the Cavour armchair forms part of a group of products that includes two different models of chair (1960 and 1961) and a games table (1955). With these pieces Vittorio Gregotti, Lodovico Meneghetti and Giotto Stoppino, known as “Architetti Associati” at the time, sought to explore the qualities of curved glued laminated timber and create furniture that was distinct from the so-called international style in fashion at the time, restoring the values of domesticity and emotion. The Cavour armchair in particular soon became an iconic object. In March 1960 it appeared at the historic "New designs for Italian furniture" exhibition at the “L’Osservatore delle Arti Industriali” gallery in Milan, a show that laid the foundations of the "Neoliberty" movement. It was also afforded an honourable mention at the Compasso d’Oro awards in the same year. Initially produced by Sim of Novara, it was added to the Poltrona Frau catalogue in the late 80s. The matching pouf that goes with the Cavour armchair was recently designed on the basis of a prototype produced at the time. Structure in curved Canaletto walnut veneer with Canaletto walnut finish and curved beech veneer with lacquered glossy black polyester finish. Backrest and seat shell in beech with polyurethane foam padding upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather and raised ton-sur-ton piping. The structure of the pouf is in multiply birch with shaped polyurethane foam padding and polyester wadding. Upholstered in Pelle Frau® leather.

Pelle Frau® SC - Color System Frau®. Pelle Frau® leather means colour, too. The planned colours of the Colour System: a co-ordinated range of 90 different nuances of colours, characterised by the ease with which the various colours can be matched up. In turn, for those who prefer the artificial vocabulary of colour, this allows for the creation of harmonious combinations of the shades both among different pieces of furniture and within the same object. Poltrona Frau has achieved the perfect balance of natural material and surface dressing treatments thanks to its specific technical research and vast experience. Passing time will confer elegance on Color System by Pelle Frau®, with its interesting sensory profile, resistance characteristics and for its excellent performance during use, as well as offering easy maintenance.

Pelle Frau® Soul. Pelle Frau® Soul, the excitement of contact. The very essence of the material. Warmth, softness, the aroma of natural leather, in a timeless, sensorial experience. Warm, deep colours in all natural tones. Pelle Frau® Soul is an aniline-dyed full grain leather with no surface finishing. It stands out for its transparency and full colours that reveal, thanks to its natural photo-sensitive characteristics, a depth of tone and warmth, the softness and naturalness of a live material. These points of prestige, blended with the natural imperfections of the leather, guarantee uniqueness and quality. Only a select group of valuable raw bovine hides of European origin with a limited number of flaws (scars, few pores, wrinkles, insect bites, etc.) can become Pelle Frau® Soul leather. Only 10 out of 100 hides allow their natural features to shine through and become Pelle Frau® Soul leather. The more transparent the leather, the more it will improve over time, ageing in a dignified manner. Because no leather is equal to another, and every product upholstered with Pelle Frau® Soul leather will be unique. The Pelle Frau® Soul leather characteristics make it unsuitable for exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources, and accidental stains will be difficult to remove. We advise using a soft, dry cloth for cleaning.

Pelle Frau® Nest stands out for the transparency and fullness of its colours, the warmth, natural and soft feel of the live material. Hardwearing structure with a clear character. Masterful artisan manufacture, which even before tanning starts with apainstaking selection of the very best leather to ensure its characteristic elegant shine, defined as ‘millepunte’ (a thousand dots) in tanners’ jergo. Clear, deep grain with a two-colour effect. Pelle Frau® Nest is a full grain, semi-aniline, lightly coated leather. The drum dye gives the material a transparency and fullness of colour. The colour leaves all the pretty little irregularities untouched, allowing the natural surface movements to shine through.

Pelle Frau® Heritage. The warm shades provided by nature form the basis for the Pelle Frau® Heritage leather collection. Treated naturally, with great care: the result is this beautiful, soft, ‘full-bodied’ product. This is a delicate leather that will please nature-lovers, and those who appreciate the beauty of the imperfections of the natural grain, and the dignity with which it ages. Only a few, carefully selected whole bovine leathers become Heritage leather. The choice to swathe oneself in the pleasure of this material is also a choice to accept variations in colour over time, and to consider, in particular conditions of use, possible fading. The Heritage leather characteristics make it unsuitable for exposure to direct sunlight or heat sources, and accidental stains will be difficult to remove.

Pelle Frau® Century A leather to love. Delicate and precious, Pelle Frau® Century leather must be protected and treated with care. The dyeing process ensures that each model covered in Pelle Frau® Century leather is unique and unrepeatable in terms of its colours, always exclusive and original. Only this leather, subject to many hours of artisanal processing and a special dyeing procedure, can recount a hundred years of history and envelop Poltrona Frau's long-sellers with the unique charm of time-honoured objects. Pelle Frau® Century leather comes in twelve exclusive shades of a learned air, velvety with a retro feel. A full-bodied leather with three-dimensional nuances, amalgamated and intense colours. Matt, mellow and velvety smoothness. Because of its specific qualities, the leather must not be exposed to direct sunlight or heat sources. Accidental stains are impossible to remove. Pelle Frau® leather is resistant to wear and tear and flex and maintains its colour in normal conditions. In particular conditions of use, the leather may lose colour and absorb substances with which it comes into contact, with the subsequent appearance of indelible stains and circles. To clean, a soft, white cloth should be sufficient. Dust frequently with a dry, non-abrasive white cloth.

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