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Edra furniture collection composed by sofas, armchairs, chairs, tables, storage, beds, as well as various accessories and models like Standard, On The Rocks, Pack, Scrigno, Grande Soffice, and many others to be discovered in close collaboration with the best designers in the international scene: Franscesco Binfarè, Fernando and Humberto Campana, Leonardo Volpi, Cananzi and Semprini, Jacopo Foggini, Inga Sempé, Masanori Umeda, Alessandro Mendini, Zaha Hadid, Ross Lovegrove, Karim Rashid, Peter Traag, Ezri Tarazi and the touch of the master Massimo Morozzi. To inherit the Italian tradition of handmade work is a pride, a burden and an honour. Because in every Edra product there is lot more. Attention to detail, advanced construction techniques combined with ease of use, the irreplaceable human contribution. Then again, best quality materials that amplify the perception of emotional and sensory quality. To become an Edra product lots of quality are needed; knowledge of art, technical, technological processes, a modern approach to production respecting the standards of Made in Italy.

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