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Dedon is one of the world's leading providers of outdoor furnitureDeveloped over 16 years ago, the unique synthetic fiber is still considered “the original” in the industry – the “Made by DEDON” seal represents the highest standard in quality and design: the fiber is washable, extremely easy to maintain, resists saltwater, sunlight, and high and low temperatures, and additionally is an environmentally friendly material. The award-winning DEDON collections are completely handcrafted in DEDON’s own manufacturing facility on the Philippine island of Cebu – a Mecca for the traditional art of handweaving. Each article is a one-of-a-kind piece of hand-woven furniture. Weavers work more than two weeks long on some pieces. The result: a work of art that combines highly modern technology from Germany with the traditional experience of the handcrafters on Cebu. is an official partner and authorized dealer Dedon.

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