Davide Groppi

From the late eighties Davide Groppi invents lamps that manufactures and distributes worldwide company with the same name. From the start, Davide Groppi stand out because of  its special attention to technology and innovation, to design, humanistic approach to the project, the international presence, sensitivity to the social aspects of wonking.

The fundamental elements of Davide Groppi's lamps are simplicity, lightness, emotions and invention, that he uses as an alphabet to write bright stories. Insights of light between the heart and brain, searching for the truth to rediscover the beauty.

"I prefer lamps sort out from heart and brain too, intuition grow out of a particular way to be and think. For this reason I’m always tryng to get closer to the light sofly, always questing the truth, in order to create the most beautiful light in the world."


Tetatet is the result of this recent work and it’s included into the new collection “the Light in the Pot” designed for restourant’s lighting. Davide Groppi believes that the most beautiful light in the world is the light above the table, that means that means a place to meet and to love.

"“Looking at the “Supper in Emmaus” by Caravaggio,  I’ve discovered what is the best light in a restaurant. I’ve discovered that the light on the plate is the best ever. ‘Cause it makes you feel like you’re the only customer in the restaurant and give you a unique experience that turns the table into a meeting and love place. ”"

tetatet di Davide Groppi

tetatet di Davide Groppi

Tetatet: you don’t need to say nothing more. A portable lamp which turns every table into a place to meet and to love place and finally to consider light like a fundamental ingredient of life. It is the most beautiful light in the world. The light which turns everything more real and deeper.The light which makes us feel unique around a table.

An unconventionanal and innovative solution:Tetatet is a source of light on the table, like a candle. This is usually difficult to do, because lamps need power cables, and tables are moved. Tetatet is battery powered. It looks as if it should fall over: it doesn’t because it is magnetic. In case the table is not made of a suitable metal, they provide a metal plate to put under the table cloth. This allows another minimal, gravity-defying design, which requires no large, heavy base.

Davide Groppi is the best kind of minimalist. He does not work by denying himself what could give give his products interest. Instead, he is a consummate artist — a magician, capable of poetic effects — who shows how powerful a minimal. abstract composition can be.

When it’s turned on its nature changes completely, becoming an object of the atmosphere. A simple line  with white matte finish, which match with  any type of environment: modern or classical. It creates deep shyness, lights food up perfectly and the people become beautiful and sensual. Tetatet is perfect for indoor use and outdoor as well, providing up to 5 hours of wireless light.

"Lamps grow out not of magic trick but of our commitment and our fantasy, work and organization, passion, hearts and head. This is the spirit  of our work.”

In September, 2013, at Maison & Objet in Paris, Davide Groppi has presented the special edition steel, signed by Christofle, the French company specializing in prestigious tableware.

tetatet per Chrisofle