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Design Davide Groppi

Davide Groppi Tetatet US Version Table Lamp


Davide Groppi Tetatet US Version Table Lamp designed by Design Davide Groppi. Buy online at the best price or ask us for a quote.
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    Davide Groppi Tetatet US Version (Data Sheet)
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    Dimensions (cm)

    9 x h. 34.5 cm.
    Materials & finishes

    Metal, Methacrylate
    Davide Groppi Tetatet US version. Portable lamp with magnetic base which turns every table into a place to meet and to love place and finally to consider light like a fundamental ingredient of life. The light which turns everything more real and deeper. The light which makes us feel unique around a table.

    Tetatet came after recent Davide Groppi experience in the restaurant industry, it satisfies a need to think of light as a cooking ingredient. Tetatet let you move light around, where you want and where you need it. Davide Groppi describes the Tetatet as his most beautiful lighting concept.

    Tetatet shapes come from different needs. Batteries are in the stem and all the technology is in the head. The restrained proportions let easily place the lamp on a table. Tetatet includes all the ingredients that Davide Groppi has used for the past 25 years.
    Simplicity, it is indeed a really simple project.
    Emotion, in the sense that turning Tetatet on is always a n extraordinary experience.
    Invention, a product which has brought togheter different technologies.
    Davide Groppi Tetatet is an original and unique project, the most beautiful light in the world. In three words, emotion, intimacy and lightness.

    Rechargeable battery 4,8 v
    Battery life 10 hours
    Led 2 w - 237 lm

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