At the 2014 Milan Design Week, Poliform and Varenna presented the new collection designed by Daniel Libeskind and entirely produced by Techlab Italia using high-tech DuPont™ Corian® surfaces.

This is a contemporary partnership between an eclectic architect who has always worked to broaden the language of his field, a company that represents the tradition of Italian design worldwide and an innovative and extremely versatile material.

The result is a strongly architectural concept of design: the kitchen and Sharp wardrobe together with the Web bookcase, are interpreted as solid essentials that mark the contemporary domestic landscape, giving form to a new idea of living, in line with the stylistic tendency of its designer.


"I think the world is going through a phase of radical change, a sort of Renaissance. With our work we interpret this transformation is when we realize a building such as the Freedom Tower, built in response to a tragedy, both when designing a piece of furniture. The voice of this change can be people in their daily gestures: they dictate new trends. "

From the avant-garde architectural projects such as the Freedom Tower to indoor environments: to do this step was that Daniel Libeskind at the Salone del Mobile has presented the new collection created in collaboration with Poliform and Varenna.

The line, which includes a library, a kitchen and a closet, is made entirely of DuPont Corian techno-surface. And, therefore, retains the same tenets of projects signed Libeskind: research, innovation, high quality. The superstars, born in 1946, but the United States of Polish origin is a creative and eclectic experimentation has made the figure of their work. Even when, for experimentation, defined as the force that pushes the boundaries of a particular discipline. The desire to go beyond the boundaries already known was born the collection signed by Varenna Poliform which includes the kitchen and the Wardrobe Sharp and the library Web.

Sharp by libeskind

The idea is to give shape to a new living concept that combines visionary design, new generation materials and know-how rooted.

"We tried to create something innovative - said Libeskind - and we wanted that each product was highly symbolic: the library, for example, is not only designed to accommodate the books but it is a modular system to be exploited at will, is a complex through which a space can be transformed. The same applies to the closet: creating it, we wondered how we could bring something new in the bedroom. "

Sharp is a kitchen project devised to provide a setting which reflects the individuality of its owner. It is a design concept marked by freedom of style, for those who love to have plenty of space and at the same time it reveals a strong timeless convivial spirit, focusing on a strong relationship between the functional areas and the dining area. This solution is the result of stylistic research involving shapes and materials, where the former are minimised to the bare essentials to enhance the value of Corian as much as possible, also in terms of touch.

Just like the Internet allows users to browse and use a collection of contents which are connected to each other by links, WEB - with its alternating blocks and voids - presents a brand new bookcase concept with a strong visual impact and devised for the most disparate uses. A unique item of interior décor, made entirely of Dupont Corian, which goes way beyond its natural function of storing books. The expression of a styling and functional research to interpret contemporary living.

The cooperation between Poliform and Varenna Libeskind started about two years ago and has been evolving gradually: "We made a great team effort - says the architect - that is the fundamental condition for the success of a good project." Important the Italian heritage of the company: "Italy is a leader in creativity and will also in the future."